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NETMIOENG 12/13/2002

"I want to be the hero that Latinos need"
America Salinas - Netmí

LOS ANGELES. - Fabián Carrillo is not just another Latino who enters the movie business; the difference is that he pointed his arrow at a target where no other Latino had been successful: the action and martial arts movies.

In his own words, it's not just about kicking and yelling. He considers himself a true actor who knows martial arts, someone who can develop dramatic roles with the characteristics of a super hero.

"Other markets already have their super heroes, there's Jean Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan and others but we Latinos need our own hero, someone we can identify with and that's what I want to do" says Carrillo.

And as an example, he says he's already taken his first steps towards his goal. Fabián Carrillo is the protagonist of the film called "Latin Dragon", which will be released in the first months of 2003 and tells the story of a young man who helps to eliminate the gang problem in his neighborhood.

"The hero I want to be is that of a man who helps his people. I never say bad words in order not to be a bad influence on children. That's why I don't include sex scenes in my movies but I do use a lot of martial arts" he adds.

That's his formula; at least the one he was able to survive by when he was young and when he arrived to The Bronx, New York as an educator.

"In order to escape the violence of my neighborhood, I decided to study the martial arts and never miss school; thanks to that, I'm here."

In regards to the movie, Carrillo, who also wrote the story, affirms that it is a movie with lots of action and delivers to young people a moral message.


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