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The US Hispanic population is predicted by the US Census Bureau to reach over 43 million people by 2010, form the current figure of 42 million people. Today one out of five US residents is Hispanic. Hispanics is the largest minority group in the country.

According to Strategy Research Corp., 53.5% of US Hispanic households subscribe to cable, which has cable operators scrambling to offer more to this growing US market. The explosive growth of the Hispanic market has allowed traditional Spanish programmer Telemundo to become the US" fastest-growing TV network, which is constantly purchasing television affiliates. Other programmers are following suit by adding Spanish, bi-lingual, and other programming. According to Nielsen Media Research data, Hispanic households watched an average of 56.17 hours of television per week. This is approximately 12% more than the population as a whole.

However, this potentially lucrative market remains under-tapped. According to Kevin Filippelli, account executive at Focus USA, Hispanic household receive and average of 20 direct mail pieces a year, compared with the 300 or so received by the general population.


· 37% of Latinos live in LA, NY, and Miami.

· 87% of Latinos live in the 10 most populated states.

· Hispanic teens represent 18% of the total teen market.

· The total Spanish speaking population world wide is six hundred fifty million.

"And that is where Fabian Carrillo comes in,"

We believe Fabian has it all together to conquer the combined worlds of the Latino- based sports and entertainment.

Fabian has already been tapped by no less august an outlet as the New York ‘Times’ as one of the action stars of tomorrow, and his growing body of work includes appearances in such well-known action films as "Best of the Best" and "Street Soldiers".

According to McAlevey, Carrillo has one advantage: "He’s of Ecuadorian heritage, he speaks perfect Castillian Spanish which cuts across all the key Hispanic demographics—Mexican in the Southwest and Chicago; Cuban in the Southeast and Puerto Rican in New York and the northeast. "Born and bred as he was in New York with an education that includes a Bachelors of Science degree in business at the State University of New York at Albany, Fabian also speaks perfect English... a real advantage over some other action stars.

Our plan for Fabian is simple-we'll keep building his base of fan support by giving him smaller roles in our bigger pictures such as this fall's "Back in Business", starring Brian Bosworth as well as continuing to develop smaller pictures based around his character with such companies as Prism Entertainment, which produced " Million to Juan.  Veteran McAlevey is quite realistic about the time-honored tradition of star-building.

"Only time will tell if we can turn Fabian into the next Schwarznegger or Van Damme

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