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The Fabian Carrillo story is the inspiration that one man has had on thousands of people. This is a story of dreams and setting high goals. This is a story in the making.    

When he was three years old, Fabian immigrated to the United States with his family eventually settling in the Bronx... a culturally diverse and tough New York City neighborhood.  Because his mother had to work, Fabian was often left alone.  He was surrounded in his neighborhood by gangs, violence, drug use and school drop-outs.  To avoid the streets   Fabian would spend hundreds of hours watching Bruce Lee movies.  It was this famed martial art expert that would immediately provide the inspiration that would alter Fabian Carrillo's life. 

Fabian's martial arts training began at the youthful age of eight years old.  His mother took him to the neighborhood martial arts school, which taught Judo,  to learn how to defend himself and protect his younger sister if need be.  After studying with four different masters for twelve years, Fabian was awarded his first black belt.  Fabian continued to excel and improve with each challenge.  Fabian went on to win over three hundred trophies, medals and awards in karate competitions across the country.  

For three consecutive years, Fabian was a National Karate Champion.  In 2003, he was inducted into the Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame receiving the “Living Legend Award”.  In 2005, Fabian was inducted into the museum of “Latino Legends” and in 2004, Fabian made history by becoming America’s first mainstream Latino martial arts action hero.  In addition, Fabian is currently waiting for confirmation from Guinness World Records on being the world’s fastest 9 mm pistol mega fire.  In 2009, Fabian was awarded "Actor of the Year" by South American-USA.

Fabian holds a fifth degree black belt in Shindo-Ryu Karate, a fifth degree black belt in Shindo-Kan Karate, a fifth degree black belt in American Sport Karate, a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a first degree black belt in Shuyokan-Ryu AikiJujutsu.  Fabian has shared his knowledge, experience and skill by teaching thousands of students. 

Fabian stars in “Latin Dragon™” opposite a cast that includes Gary Busey, Lorenzo Lamas, James Hong, Pepe Serna, Robert LaSardo and Joyce Giraud.  This is a ground breaking movie that is the beginning of a series that will show case Fabian as the first Latino action hero.  “Latin Dragon™” was released nationally in the United States and in 68 countries worldwide.  “Latin Dragon™” was the breakthrough film for Fabian's climb to stardom.   

Currently, Fabian is starring, writing and producing the action/suspense feature length movie "DoubleTap" co-written and directed by Ryan Combs. Fabian plays, Bobby Giovanni, a distraught police detective plagued by his past and compensating for his disability by taking Vicodin and other prescription drugs. "Double Tap" is slated to be released in 2011.  He will also be starring in "Clean Sweep" opposite well known names as Daniel Baldwin, Pepe Serna, Reni Santoni, John Farley, Evelina Fernandez and grammy award winning Jose Jose.  "Clean Sweep" is currently filming and slated for release in 2012.   

In 2012 through 2014, Fabian is slated to star in “Field of Fire”, “Rare Breed” and “Sub-Level: The Risen” “Sub-Level: The Risen" will begin principle photography August 2012 in Louisiana and “Field of Fire”, written and directed by James Becket, is slated to begin principal photography May 2013. 

All this talk about acting, movies, martial arts and career boils down to only one thing in Carrillo's mind: how to set out to be a positive example.

To all the men and women of the armed forces…Thank You for fighting for our freedom and the American dream…You are my heroes!                                                       

                                                                                     - Fabian Carrillo


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